Awesome Tips to Become a Hacker?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Most of us are very curious to learn Hacking and want to become a Hacker, but don’t know where to start. If you are in the same situation, then this is the right place for you.

Every day I get a lot of emails where people ask me- How to Become a Hacker?. In fact this question is not easy to answer because, hacking is not an art that can be mastered overnight. It requires knowledge, skills, creativity, dedication and of course TIME. Everyone can become a Hacker provided they learn it from the basics. So if you wanna become a hacker, then all you need is a good source that will teach you hacking from the basics.

What skill do I need to Become a Hacker?

There is no magic to become a Hacker, but like anything else that is worthwhile it takes dedication, a willingness to learn. It is most important to have a good knowledge of topics such as Operating system and it’s working, Computer networks, Computer security and of course Programming. It’s not possible to become a hacker overnight. All you need is a good source (book) to start learn Hacking from the basics.

What is the best way to Become a Hacker?

The best way to become a Hacker is to start from the basics. You have to master the basics to build a strong foundation. And once this is done you’ll be in a position to explore new ideas and start thinking like a Hacker.

There exists tons of books on the market that teach you Hacking but unfortunately, it requires a set of pre-established skills and knowledge to understand the concepts explained in the book. Also these books are not meant the for beginners who doesn’t know anything about hacking. I have found an excellent Hacking Book for Beginners. This book is the first step to fulfil your dream to become a Hacker. Yes, this is the right book for the beginners who are interested to learn hacking from the basics. The good thing about this book is, any one can understand the concepts presented in the book without the need for any prior knowledge. The book is called
The Hacker’s Underground Handbook

NOTE: I have found that some of my readers have mistaken the book to be the Hacker’s Handbookwhich is widely available on the internet. But this book is called The Hacker’s Underground Handbook. The Hacker’s Underground Handbook is unique and is not available anywhere on the internet. So please don’t be confused. The Hacker’s Underground Handook and Hacker’s Handbook are different.

This book will take you from the core to the top. It will tell you how to hack in simple steps. Everything is presented in a simple and effective manner. It’s a greak book for the beginner who want to become a Hacker. This book will install a Hacker’s Mindset on you.

The following skills are uncovered in this book

1. You will learn all the hackers underground tricks and learn to apply them in real world situations.

2. You will be put into a hackers mindset and learn to think like a Hacker.

3. By learning how a hacker thinks and acts, you will be able to protect yourself from future hack attacks.

4. You will acquire knowledge nonexistent to 99.9% of the people in the world!

5. This Underground handbook may get you interested in pursuing a career as an Ethical Hacker.
What tools are required in my journey as a Hacker?

As a Hacker the number of tools that you require is almost endless. However at this point of time I recommend you to use the following 2 tools.

1. First of all it is mandatory for you to hide your real IP address while experimenting the tricks and tactics given in this book. To become a hacker this is your first step. So I recommend the following tool to mask your real IP.

Hide the IP

2. The another tool that I recommend is Anti-Hacker Toolkit. This kit can become handy for you to catch hackers who are trying to break into your computer without your knowledge. Also using this tool kit you can monitor all the incoming connections to your computer, detect keyloggers and scan for suspicious programs. For more info on this visit the following link

Anti-Hacker Toolkit

Wait… This is not the end. Rather it is just the beginning of your journey to become a hacker. To become a hacker all you need is dedication and hard work. I wish you all the best for your future success!

Cool Tips For to Make Invisible Password Protected Folder

Do you want to password protect your folder? Do you want to make it invisible so that it remains unnoticed by the normal users? Well here is a way to do that. In this post I will show you how to make a password protected folder in Windows without using any additional software. Here is is step by step procedure to create a password protected folder.

How to create a Password Protected Folder

Step-1: Create a new folder (Right-click -> New -> Folder) and give it any name of your choice. For instance I name it as ABC.

Step-2: Now in this folder place all the important files, documents or any folders that you want to password protect.

Step-3: Now Right-click on this folder (ABC) and select the option Send To -> Compressed (zipped) Folder.

Step-4: Now a new compressed zipped folder gets created next this folder (ABC) with the same name.

Step-5: Double-click on this compressed zipped folder and you should see your original folder (ABC) here.

Step-6: Now goto the File menu and select the option Add a password.

ie: File -> Add a password

Now a small window will pop up and here you can set your desired password. Once the password is set, the folder will ask for the password every time it is opened. Thus you have now created the password protected folder.

How to make it Invisible

Step-1: Now Right-click on this password protected folder and select Properties.

Step-2: At the bottom select the option Hidden and press OK. Now your folder gets invisible (hidden).

Step-3: In order to unhide this folder go to My Computer – >Tools -> Folder options. Switch to View tab, scroll down and under Hidden files and folders you’ll see the following two options

  1. * Do not show hidden files and folders
  2. * Show hidden files and folders

Now select the second option and press OK. Now the invisible folder becomes visible in it’s location. To access it you need the password. To make it invisible again repeat step -1 through step-3 and select the first option and click OK. Now the folder becomes invisible once again.

I hope you like this post. Pass your comments!! Cheers

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